Friday, September 30, 2011

New Guides for Tale of Two Towns

The following Guides will be available today for Tale of Two Towns:

Tale of Two Towns General Guide
Tale of Two Towns 1st Year Calendar Guide
Tale of Two Towns Cookbook Recipes Guide
Tale of Two Towns Characters Guide

Note that NONE of these Guides, apart from the 1st Year Calendar Guide are complete. I update them daily and hope that whatever information has been added at this point will be useful enough to justify publication even in their incomplete form.


  1. hi, I just found out that shops (except cam's shop) are closing when it's rain from the start of the day although there's no festival on that day and they not in their off day. Is it just me? or is it new feature?

    -sorry for the bad english-

  2. if you live in bluebell, how do you get the axe for lumber, the request never showed up for me.