Monday, October 3, 2011

Freyashawk's Guiding Principles

Players familiar with my Guides know that they fundamentally are based on my own gaming experience. It often only is when one begins a second file or second game that one discovers there are variations in Events or other aspects of any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game.

In Tale of Two Towns, there are four different possible games one can play. There is a game played as a Boy living in Bluebell Town. Then there is a game played as a Boy living in Konohana Town. One can play as a Girl living in Bluebell Town. Finally, one can play as a Girl living in Konohana.

In the course of the game, a Player who begins his/her life as a Boy or Girl in one Village can move to the other and continue moving each Season. As Marriage is an aspect of Tale of Two Towns, the game will vary depending on the spouse one chooses.

What this means is that Tale of Two Towns is as rich and complex as any other Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game.

In specific terms, however, there will be some variations with respect to the information in the Guides. Prices, for example, will vary depending on your Character's point of Residence. A Player who lives in Bluebell Village will find the prices higher in Konohana and one who lives in Konohana will find prices higher in Bluebell. I am going to try to organise price lists according to the lowest possible price, which would be that for a Resident of the Town. It would be a little absurd to log every price twice.

Requests are another aspect of the game that may vary from file to file. I haven't experienced enough yet to know how much variation there is, but I am logging all Requests with their Rewards. Many of the Requests in Tale of Two Towns are repeated again and again, but the Requested Item and the Reward may vary each time. In other words, you may have a Request for Special Medicine ingredients from Georgia. The item requested may be a type of fish that can be caught with the hands, but the actual variety of Fish requested may differ each time. She will give the same reward of Udon Noodles more than once but I have to see if the Reward Item changes as well in the course of time.

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