Items List Guide

Two Towns Items List Guide

by Freyashawk
Created on 19 April 2012


This is a basic Items List Guide, a fundamental resource guide for any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. In Tale of Two Towns, as in many of the more recent Harvest Moon games, Items often can be grown or found in different qualities. The Quality Rating of an Item is represented by Stars and for Items with a Quality Rating, the value will vary according to this Rating.

Cooking any Item often will raise its Quality Rating as well as improving its Freshness. THus, an Ingredient with 1/2 Star Quality Rating may produce a Cooked Dish with 1 Star Quality Rating even when it is the sole Ingredient. An example of this is Turnip Salad, made with a single Turnip. A raw Turnip with 1/2 Star usually will create a Turnip Salad of 1 Star Quality Rating.

As in other Harvest Moon games, most of the Items that can be grown, purchased or found are seasonal in nature. Unfortunately, perishable Items WILL perish in Tale of Two Towns, becoming rotten if kept too long.

Screens in Two Towns

Items found in the Wilds tend to be 'screen specific' as well as season specific. It therefore is useful to give a name to each of the screens between the villages of Konohana and Bluebell where Items can be found.

There are nine screens in the Mountain Area that separates Bluebell Village from Konohana Village. It takes a total of 40 minutes to run on foot from one village sign to the other.

The screen closest to each Village will be designated as the Outlying Area. In other words, the section closest to Konohana is the Konohana Outlying Area and that closest to Bluebell Village is the Bluebell Outlying Area. In these two screens, you will be able to hear the Village Music and there will be no Items to collect in either.

Numerical designations will be:
E1: Konohana Outlying Area.
E2: Konohana Shallows
E3: Waterfall Screen
E4: East Mountaintop

Centre: Mountaintop Screen

W4: West Mountaintop
W3: Three Footbridges Screen
W2: Bluebell Shallows
W1: Bluebell Outlying Area

The centre screen is the Mountaintop Screen. The Mountaintop is the venue for the Festivals, such as the Cooking Festival, in which both Villages participate. The Goddess Spring is located here.

There are two screens where you can hand-fish in shallow water. One is directly east of Bluebell Village. The other is directly west of Konohana Village. The one closest to Bluebell will be designated as Bluebell Shallows and the one closest to Konohana as Konohana Shallows.

On the Konohana Shallows screen, there are two secret foraging locations in the form of a stand of Bamboo and a hollow tree stump.

Items Lists

The following is a preliminary list of Items that can be grown or found in the first Spring in Tale of Two Towns:

Insect List:

Cornered Cricket. 60G
Gold box
Cricket with a unique face. Can be found in the city and the countryside.

Cricket: 30G
Silver Box
An insect that brings in the autumn. Its chirp brings joy to all.

Dirt Grasshopper:
Silver Box
Very large grasshopper that loves the grass and the leaves.

Eastern Locust. 40G
Gold box
A locust from an eastern land. It’s said to be more fierce than western ones.

Hira Grasshopper:
Silver Box
While it has wings, this grasshopper prefers to walk.

Kobane Grasshopper
Green Box
Grasshopper that can be found year-round. Calls many habitats its home.

Kutsuwa Katydid. 40G.
Green box
Its chirp is very unique. It’s active in day and night, but prefers the dark.

Longheaded Locust. 20G
Green box
A common locust.

Miyama Swallowtail:
Gold Box
A large and beautiful butterfly with purple wings.

Nymph Butterfly: 30G
Green Box
Butterfly with white and black spots. Seems to float in the air.
Found on W3 Screen

Pale Cloud Yellow
Silver Box
A small butterfly with black spots on its wings. Found in flower fields.

Piggyback Locust. 20G
Green box
Frequently carries a fellow locust on its back. Found in fields and mountains.

Purple Emperor: 40G
Gold Box
A lovely species of butterfly. Prefers the dark shade.
Screen E2, Konohana Shallows, often floating over the water

Red-eyed Tree Frog. 30G
Green Box.
Frog which lives in forests. The contrast between its eyes and body is striking.

Ringed Butterfly: 50G
Silver Box
A butterfly with the colours of a jaguar. They fly around in the summer.
Found on W4 Screen, West of Mountaintop

Scarce Large Blue Butterfly. 20G.
Green Box
White butterfly with a blue underside.
Found on W3 Screen with 3 Footbridges on Main Path

Small White: 20G.
Green box
Butterfly with white wings. They look like flower petals. Found in fields.
Found on E3, Waterfall Screen, often on path

Spiked Locust. 40G.
Gold box
Locust with a spiked body. Will play dead when preyed upon by frogs.

Spotted Locust. 30G
Gray box.
Locust with the constitution to withstand many habitats and seasons.

Swallotwtail. 30G
Silver Box
A large and common species of butterfly. It’s seen in various habitats.
Found on E3, Waterfall Screen

Tree Frog. 20G
Green Box.
A green frog that always comes out during the rain.
Found on E2 Screen, Shallows in rain

White – Lipped Frog 30G
Green Box
A large, green tree frog. Enjoys the branches more than the ground.

White Swallowtail: 40G
An ancient species of butterfly. They even fly around in the cold.
Found on screen to the right of the Central Mountaintop

Fish List:

Crab: 20G
Caught in shallow water. Only lives in clear water. (1/2 Star)

Small Char: 30G (1 ½ Stars)
Caught in spring and summer. Small but fine char.

Small Crab: 30G (1 1/2 Star)
Caught in shallow water. Don't get nipped!
Easiest to find after dark.

Small Killifish: (1 ½ Stars): 30G
Caught in spring, summer and fall. Small but lovely.

Small Masu Salmon: 20G (1/2 Star)
Caught in spring and summer. Small but fine masu salmon.

Small Shishamo: 20G (1/2 Star)
Caught in spring and summer. Small but fine shishamo.

Small Smelt (1 Star): 30G
Caught in spring. Small but fine smelt.

Small Sweetfish: 30G (1 Star)
Caught in spring and summer. Small but fine sweetfish.

Small Trout: 20G (1/2 Star)
Caught in spring and summer. Small but fine trout.

Killifish: 20G (1/2 Star)
Caught in spring, summer and fall. Likes clear water.

Smelt: 120G
Caught in spring, fall and winter. A common fish. (1/2 Star)

Other Items found in Water:

Fish Bones: 20G
An unlucky catch. What's holding them together?

Old Ball: 20G
Has a hole and is no longer fun to play with.

Old Boot: 20G
Fell off a fisherman while he was fishing. There are some holes in it.

Small Coin: 100G
Regular coin with simple design. Some people collect it.

Processed Items:

Fish Paste (2 ½ Stars): 160G

Seaweed: 180G
Normally found by the sea. Very rare in this area.


Onion: 350G (1/2 Star)
A summer crop. Eat it raw or use it in recipes.
N.B. Although Onion cannot be grown in Spring, you may obtain it as a consolation prize if you participate in but do not win the first Cooking Contest.

Turnip: 250G (1/2 Star) (300G for 1 Star)
A spring crop. Eat it raw or use it in recipes.

Animal Products:

Egg: (1 Star): 140G
Chamomile 1 star is 30G but with 1 ½ Stars is 40G

Milk (1 Star): 240G
Drink it or use it in recipes.

Butter: 240G (1/2 Star)
Delicious Butter. Used in many recipes.

Wild Items:

Bamboo: 100G (1/2 Star)
Pandas' favourite. Use it in many recipes.
N.B. This is the Bamboo Plant.

Bamboo Shoot: 60G (1 Star)
Can be found in spring. Used in many recipes.

Brown Mushroom (1 Star): 120G
A type of mushroom. Unique aroma and flavor.

Chamomile: 40G (1 ½ Stars)
A type of herb. Used in recipes and in tea.

Honeycomb: 90G (1 Star)
Put it in the hive to get honey.

Lavender: 40G (1 1/2 Star)
A type of herb. Used in recipes and in tea.
N.B. Although Lavender is not found in Spring, you will obtain it as a Request Reward.

Mint: 30G (1/2 Star)
A type of herb. Used in recipes and in tea.

Poison Mushroom: 30G
Poisonous. Can be used in recipes if you’re brave.

Walnut: 50G (1/2 STar)
Sometimes found on the ground. Use in desserts.


Flour: 150G
A bag full of flour. Ingredient for bread/pasta.

Oil: 100G
used in many recipes. Most recipes need oil.

Rice Flour: 150G
A bag full of rice flour. Ingredient for recipes.

Seaweed: 180G (1/2 Star)
Normally found by the sea. Very rare in this area.


Scrap Metal: 10G
Useless metal commonly found while mining.

Ore Stone: 1G
Break it with a hammer to find out what's inside.

Copper: 700G
Commonly found ore. (1 ½ Stars)

Red Wonderful: (no value as cannot be shipped)
Collect them all to make a miracle happen.


Branch: 5G
Chop it with an axe to turn it into lumber.

Rock: 5G (1/2 Star)
Break with a hammer to turn it into material stone.